Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bon Hiver

According to Wikipedia Bon Iver (Justin Vernon) wrote "For Emma, Forever Ago" during a Wisconsin winter living in a cabin and trying to recover from a bout of mono, he managed to come out with a beautiful CD and one would assume his sanity.
Winter is not the easiest time of year for me, I am a summer creature and seem to just kind of shut down in the winter, anything below 50 degrees and I'm in full winter attire hat, gloves, scarf. My first instinct in reaction to the colder temperatures is to put on depressing music, become very good friends with my flannel pajamas, and not see anyone until spring. Which still sounds very appealing but I'm going to fight it this year. I'm not independently wealthy so I have to get out and go work! I'm going to train for a 10k which means I'll have to go to the gym. it's really hard to run outside in cold temps, when anything below 50 degrees is too cold to be out.
In meditation you appreciate the moment and the moment isn't always 90 degrees and sunny. My life seems to be full of meditation lessons lately, letting go of expectations and imaginary things, and learning to appreciate cold temps.
Back to Bon Iver and Wiki...
It says that he also watched Northern Exposure and in one episode people came out of their homes at the first snowfall and wished their neighbors a Bon Hiver (good winter in French).
So Bon Hiver everyone, appreciate the slowing down of the season and drink lots of chai with homemade bread on the counter and good music on the radio.

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  1. Good post. I'm also actively trying to find ways to not hate winter. I'm trying to involve cross country skis in this plan.