Monday, June 28, 2010

Breath by Breath

I have been thinking a lot about impermanence and suffering lately. Life changing news will do that to a person. I came across this passage while reading "Breath by Breath the Liberating Practice of Insight Meditation" last night.
"In the tradition of Jewish Mysticism, the Hassids believe that each person has been given a certain corner of the universe to take care of. What is in your life at a given moment is your world." What is my world and am I caring for it with compassion, right mindfulness, right speech, right action?
There are no coincidences and this passage was reminding me that I am only in charge of my corner of the universe. I want my corner to be filled with love and compassion, awareness of self and putting good out there in the world. I can't control that the person I considered my life partner breaks up with me and days later is dating someone else but I can control my corner. I can continue to let it be a bad time or I can take the sadness when it comes and celebrate the positive. The positive has been in abundance at this time balancing out the sorrow and hurt. I found it in passages that speak to me, running into seldom seen friends and beers out in a beautiful back yard with amazing conversation.

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